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Terms & Conditions

  • The customer shall bear all the cost/ expenses towards supply, removal or dismantling, repairs and replacements of all the components necessitated by reason of negligence or misuse or any other cause including normal wear and tear.
  • Oil and grease will be supplied by the company for regular maintenance of elevator the gear oil must be supplied by the customer whenever it needs replacements.
  • The company shall inspect the elevator before entering into the agreement in case it is noticed during the inspection that any item need repairs/ replacements the same will be carried out at extra cost before signing the agreements. However, in order to provide the customer with the maximum service of the components, the company may agree to maintain the elevator with the condition that the subject components should replaced within stipulated time at the customer’s cost.
  • This agreement supersedes all prior agreement (or) understanding between the parties here to.
  • This proposal, when accepted by the customer and approved by the company’s authorized official shall constitute the contract between us.