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Operative System:

The momentary pressing on one or more car buttons shall send the car to the designated landings in the order in which the landings are reached by the car, irrespective of the sequence in which are in the direction of travel,and each call shall be cancelled when answered.

Attendant Operation:

The operating of an elevator can be changed from normal full automatic operation to the attendant service by an attendant switch, is located on the car operation panel with a sliding cover.

6-8 cars full group:

Micro computer employed group operation control system which is provided with a GA (Genetic Algorithm) for allocation process and with a Neural Network or traffic learning of a building is applied to improve service and handing capacity 24 hours a day. It handles various building traffic patterns, based on real time feedback system. passenger waiting time is kept at the absolute minimum.

Safety drive:

When a car stops between floor due to mechanical malfunction, the car descends to the nearest floor below.

Anti nuisance:

In case of substantial deference between the no. Of calls registered on the car operation panel and actual land in the elevator prevents unnecessary operation by cancelling all registered calls when it arrives at the nearest floor.

Automatic door open & close time adjustment:

Door open anc close times are automatically adjusted depending on whether the call is hall or a car call to increase the operating efficiency.

Car door protective edge:

Extending the full height of the car door to return to the fully open position should the door encounter a person or obstacle while closing.

Advanced door opening:

To minimise passenger transfer time and maintain operating efficiency, the car and hoist way doors begin to open as the car arrives at floor level.

Micro levelling:

An automatic two way levelling device is provided to maintain the car level with the landing,regardless of elevator load or direction of travel.

Automatic car light and fan turn off:

Car illumination and fan are turned off automatically in case if there is no hall call or car call, saving energy.

Car call cancellation:

Allows cancellation of an incorrectly registered car call. If you push a wrong floor button in the car you can cancels it by pressing the floor button twice consecutively.

Detection of jammed hall button and exclusion from operation service:

If a button jammed mechanically, the hall car will be automatically it bypassed after being serviced once, until the problem is resolved.


(110%of the rated load) Holding stop: when the number of passengers exceeds the normal capacity, a buzzer sounds and the elevator remains stop at that floor. When the number of passengers disembark, the buzzer stops, the elevator doors close, and operation continues.


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