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Company's Obligation

  • The company shall use skilled technicians and maintain the elevators in efficient reliable and safe operating condition.
  • The company shall monthly examine the following in a systematic manner (a) To check all the wire ropes. (b) To check all safety devices including gate locks and governor. (c) Systematically examine and adjust the driving units, brake lining, controller components car and landing buttons, safety gear, car and counter weight guide shoes, landing doors, car safety mechanism etc.
  • The company shall give priority in service, repairs/replacements in restoring the elevators to normal service.
  • All the works shall be performed during regular working hours unless otherwise specified if due to unavoidable circumstances maintenance work cannot be carried out on a particular day the work will be carried on next working day engineer.
  • The company shall provide emergency service on holidays and after working hours if the situation demands and depending upon the availability of engineers at an Extra Cost.
  • The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to any cause.
  • The company reserves the rights to suspend call back service or discontinue any other work under this control until all outstanding payment is made as agreed and the company is assured that the subsequent payment will be made as they fall due if payments are not received for the previous quarterly year.
  • The company reserves the right to shut down the elevator at any time during the period of agreement if in opinion of the company, the elevator has become unsafe for use, due to normal wear and tear or improper usage or delay in replacement of spares.
  • The company shall not be responsible in the event of any accident occurring.
  • Any call would be attended within 24hrs.
  • By the contract we undertake to supply free of charges materials required for servicing and repair works.
  • We assume no responsibility for refinishing or replacing the following items of the lift equipments and we have not included for the same in this contract. Car enclosures, car flooring, hoist way enclosure, hoist way, car door, landing doors, gate handles, doorframes, door glass, sills, car cover, main ropes, electric main, main switches, motor, V3F Drive, ARD Drive and Controller.

Customer's Obligation

  • The costumer will allow the company employees free and unhindered access to the elevator room etc. these areas should be free danger of falling objects unguarded electrical wire and of tripping hazards etc.
  • In the interest of the safety of the equipments and its users, the customer shall not direct or permit repair alteration and replacement of any of the equipment/ components by any third person other than the company, its employees or its contractors.
  • The customer will provide the machine room with adequate lighting, cooling or ventilation moisture control proper and safe access viz. permanent ladder recto be provide.
  • The machine room should be kept under lock and key by the customer.
  • The costumer shall not insist the company to permit usage of elevator during maintenance
  • The costumer shall provide the company, all machine room and pit area free from water, stored materials and debris.
  • The costumer shall return to the company all the dismantled/ old materials against any repairs / replacements carried out by the company.
  • The contract price is exclusive of sales tax and service tax at the prevailing rates. However, the customer shall pay on demand in case the government imposes any other taxes and increase the structure o present taxes.
  • The customer shall designate one or more persons for training in manual hand winding of lifts in case of power failure in case of engaging third parties for rescue operations the customer shall bear the charges for rectification/ replacement of components, if any.