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ARD (Automatic Rescue Device)

The Smart Rescue Device is the safest automatic elevator evacuation device designed for VF Elevators. The Smart Rescue relates to a new concept and design and operates the elevator controller at rated voltage to perform the evacuation operation

Principle of Operation

The Smart Rescue works on the principle of powering and operating the Elevator Controller at rated Voltage to perform the Rescue operation. The Rescue device interfaces with the ES Drive which has a unique feature of "Low voltage DC operation" to operate the Elevator Motor with Low voltage Battery.

The Smart Rescue comprises of three-phase space vector modulated inverter and a state of the art high frequency battery charger with four operating modes of charging.

During Mains power ON, it monitors the power and continuously charges the Batteries. In the event of power failure, the Rescue device will activate within the predetermined "response time". The Powerful Inverter will produce and supply 3-Phase, 400V, sinusoidal power to the Controller. The Controller is now energized with 3-Phase power and will run the Motor in the Up direction at low speed and bring the Elevator to the immediate next floor and opens the door automatically.

opening the doors, the trapped passengers shall exit and the Rescue will shut the Inverter to prevent any further battery drain. When normal power resumes, the Smart Rescue will automatically switch over the Controller to Normal Operation.


  • SS Cabin
  • MS Cabin
  • Wood Cabin

Types of the Doors

  • Collapsible gates
  • SS swing doors
  • SS auto doors
  • IFG gates
  • MS swing door
  • MS auto doors
  • Glass swing doors
  • Glass auto doors